Patient Testimonials

Client Testimonials - Denver Acupuncture Clinic“I was referred to Michelle Uthoff by my Neurologist for help with my many different problems with Multiple Sclerosis. I will admit at first I was skeptical and somewhat timid about acupuncture. After the first visit, where I fell asleep during the treatment, that was no longer an issue. Many people do not understand that M.S. causes pain and extreme fatigue. I am here to tell you it does! There are times my body can be very tight, painful and exhausted that I can not do any of the things I want to do. Michelle knows exactly what to do to relax my body and ease or alleviate the pain. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the human body both externally and internally. For the first time in a very long time I am able to sleep and move more easily and with far less pain. I have recommend Michelle to many of my family and friends and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

– Merry H.

“My acupuncturist is awesome! She helps me and my kids too! I highly recommend Michelle Uthoff M.S.O.M, L.Ac (Acupuncturist)! She helped my insomnia, helps boost our immune systems, helps digestive issues and relieves stress. I ♥ alternative medicine!”

– Caroline C.

“Michelle is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable pediatric acupuncturist. I feel confident referring people to her, especially since she has done such a wonderful job treating my own daughter over the years. ”

– Alison Dinn, L.Ac

“I have had migraines since I was in third grade with rarely any relief – even from prescription medication. I went to see Michelle to try acupuncture for them. Her office was nice and calming and she was GREAT at listening and asking questions. She recommended that I try magnesium for my migraines – something no traditional doctor had ever suggested – and you know what? It has worked. Since I started taking magnesium, the migraines that have plagued me for over 30 years are gone (okay, there was that one time when tequila trumped magnesium – but that was my fault). Her acupuncture technique is also great and worked wonders to relieve stress and relax me (and as an attorney I NEED stress relief). I love Michelle!”

– Trish R.

“My younger daughter had severe reflux that was discovered at two months. My pediatrician suggested putting her on a name brand medication that adults take and I was horrified. I tried every formula imaginable and nothing was working. When she was 7 months old (and her reflux was still extreme), one of my neighbors gave me Michelle’s number because she helped her daughter with reflux. I called Michelle that day and scheduled an appointment. My husband was reluctant, as he was not familiar with acupuncture and the benefits of it. However, we were both desperate to help our little girl. After one treatment and a changed feeding regimen from Michelle (took her off formula & started giving her goats milk & homeopathic drops), my daughter literally stopped spitting up the next day. I have shared my story with many parents, because I’m truly a believer in what Michelle can do for many different situations. My daughter is able to eat and drink everything and she’s almost nine. I have been seeing Michelle myself for several years to help with hormonal, stress/anxiety issues & a genetic predisposition for high cholesterol. Acupuncture & natural supplements have helped me a great deal, and I highly recommend Michelle to anyone suffering from many different ailments.”

– Deborah