Pain/Sports Medicine

Acupuncture for SportsProbably the best known use for acupuncture in the US has been for pain. It is the easiest to see the results and for that reason many chiropractors and MD’s have jumped on the bandwagon, taking courses to learn what they can about acupuncture and provide this service. This is why I always say, no matter who you chose for acupuncture, PLEASE make sure they have gone to an accredited school for training. This would recquire the 3-5 years of training that we all receive, rather than a simple 180 hours course.

That being said, pain relief is remarkable with acupuncture and I love working with those who have been in pain and  marvel at what these little needles can do. For those that are skeptical there are even scientific studies being done to try and prove it.

Newer research has also shown insight into the effects of acupuncture on the brain. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans and functional MRI scans can measure metabolic activity in the brain. Several studies (Neurosci Lett. 2001 Jul 13;307(2):105-8; Neuroimage. 2002 Aug;16(4):1028-37; Chin Med J 2003;116(12):1836-1839) have shown that acupuncture points used to treat pain, gastrointestinal, or vision problems cause an increase in metabolism in the specific parts of the brain associated with these functions. That such modern and objective research tools confirm the effects of acupuncture is exciting and helps to further legitimize the use of acupuncture in modern medicine.

So, if you’ve been in pain, give acupuncture a try. It may just work for you! How great would it feel to be pain free?